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El Proyecto Cuba Prensa Libre - The Cuba Free Press Project

Our mission

The Cuba Free Press Project

The Cuban Government suppresses all forms of Free Expression by denying its people, among other things, access to the Internet, the www and electronic mail.

The Cuban Government owns and controls all the information media, newspapers, radio, television and all communication systems including the accesses to the internet. The State has the monopoly of the information that flows inside, and from and to the outside of Cuba.

The Cuban Professional Independent Journalists and Writers, whose articles appear in these pages, while struggling for a space for Freedom of Expression and a Free Press within Cuba and the world information and communications media, are harassed, persecuted, their homes violated and invaded, and their computers, typewriters, pencils and writing paper confiscated. Their telephone calls are monitored and interrupted. They are frequently subject to severe beatings, arrests, jail terms, their families threatened, banishment and deportation. They are true heroes of the cause of Freedom of Expression!

The Cuba Free Press Project provides a platform for the publication and distribution of their articles via the use of the WWW, electronic mail and the Cuba Free Press - Cuba Prensa Libre tabloids in english and spanish.

These articles are collected by telephone, transcribed, translated, edited and published by a network of unpaid volunteers, true soldiers of Democracy, defenders of the right of each and every human being to Freedom of Expression.

Our mission is to support their struggle for the nonexistent space for freedom of the press and freedom of expression inside Cuba, and to help guarantee that in a future democratic Cuba these basic rights will be always present, without restrictions.

This is The Cuba Free Press Project.

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