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Dec. 21, 1999

WOULD-BE ESCAPEE RETURNS TO FACE JOB PROBLEMS. By Magdelivia Hidalgo González,Cuba Free Press.

Las Tunas.- Pablo González Losano, whom the U.S. Coast Guard returned to Cuba after he tried unsuccessfully to escape to Florida, said he now suffers from a Cuban policy of "apartheid and repression" as punishment. He is an employee of the Puerto Padre school transportation system and says the management follows a "policy of offering me any kind of job to get rid of me as not acceptable."

Pablo was returned to Cuba on July 8, 1999. He says reports by U.S. officials that those who are repatriated return to acceptable living conditions are wrong. He is not the only one who has made such charges following a return to Cuba.

Magdelivia Hidalgo González,Cuba Free Press.

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