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20 de Diciembre del 2099

THE CHILDREN CHANT, GETTING SOME FUN FROM ELIAN. By María de los Angeles Suárez Esquivel, of the independent workers' union (CTDC) for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Virtually all the children of the Bernardo Posse school were laughing and chanting verses about young Elian on Dec. 16, according to reports reaching Cuba Free Press. Running along the streets near the school in the neighborhood called "San Miguel del Padrón," a group would shout "Elian my friend, take me with you!" (The Spanish words rhymed: "Elián mi amigo, llévame contigo!") After the shouts, the youngsters would laugh and run so as not to be identified.

The verse is well known through repetition in many public places. A week earlier one student was punished at this same school when his teacher caught him pretending to talk with Elián on a cellular phone, saying, "Elián mi amigo, mándame un abrigo!" In English the same words do not rhyme, "Elian my friend, send me a coat!"

The government's repetition by television of the official marches and other public manifestations demanding the return of the boy to Cuba has provoked a sickening feeling among a large portion of the population, especially since all the programs they are accustomed to, such as fiction readings and soap operas and entertaining musical shows have been suspended by the government. So it is that most people hope the Elian "nightmare" ends soon.

Although Cuban TV is nothing to brag about, it remains the only thing that most people have to help forget the pains of their unfortunate existence because of the unending abuse by the communist authorities, who think nothing of using a boy for their propagandized political agenda.

María de los Angeles Suárez Esquivel, of the independent workers' union (CTDC), for Cuba Free Press.

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