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Dec. 10, 1999.

GUARDS KILL ONE, WOUND ANOTHER IN ESCAPE ATTEMPT By Jesús Antonio Egozcue Castellanos, Cuba Free Press.

AGUADA DE PASAJEROS - Prison guards opened fire when eight inmates tried to escape from the Penitentiary Center of Ariza in Cienfuegos province, central Cuba, on Dec. 5. One prisoner died and another was seriously wounded.

Jesús Esquivel, who was serving a 68-year sentence, was killed instantly and Luis Daniel Pérez Cepero was wounded. Prison authorities captured the other six escapees alive. According to Lt. Raúl Rojas Matos, prison director, the prisoners tried to break out during the time assigned for watching television or a movie.

Jesús Egozcue Castellanos, Cuba Free Press.

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