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Nov. 26, 1999, Cuba Free Press.

FISH FARMERS GET READY FOR MAJOR REPAIRS By Luis Ramon Hernandez, Cuba Free Press.

VILLA CLARA - Fish farmers in eight municipalities of Sancti Spiritus province, in Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Villa Clara, the armed forces and the Interior Ministry, in strengths of 200 or more, are laying the groundwork for the return to normal levels of the Cayana and Zaza rivers so as to reduce the pressure on the dam of the same name. There's also an all-out effort to capture some of the surviving fish of the more than 3,000 tons which were thrown over the dam as a result of the unrelenting rain.

The official count is that some 800 tons of fish have been recovered. Downstream the picture is not as rosy. The heavy rains' current in the river dragged the banks, leaving thousands of dead fish, many of them caught in the underbrush, and caused an unbearable stench for the farmers and visitors.

Luis Ramón Hernández Rodríguez, Cuba Free Press.

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