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Nov. 19, 1999.

NESTOR RODRIGUEZ LOBAINA RELEASED By Lyanne Blázquez Acosta, Cuba Free Press.

PALMA SORIANO - The government has released Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy but keeps him under constant watch. The authorities also have taken away his civilian identification card, leaving him "undocumented." He stands accused of resistance, contempt and civil disobedience.

The Lt. Col. "Juan José" who filed the complaint for arrest against the youth leader has not contacted him again but the Military Prosecutor's office which has the complaint tells Rodríguez Lobaina to return there either once or twice a day. Every day he is advised to come back either the same afternoon or the next day.

Nestor is demanding an explanation as to why he was mistreated, why he was beaten by Capt. "Castillo" and others and why he's being "toyed with." He insists that the authorities advise him of the charges. His wife, six months pregnant, who witnessed her husband's arrests and mistreatment, has been placed under the close supervision of a physician.

Lyanne Blázquez Acosta, Cuba Free Press.

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