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Nov. 10, 1999.

THREE WOMEN DISSIDENTS "DISAPPEAR" By Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press.

VILLA CLARA - The whereabouts of three female dissidents is unknown here. The three who disappeared Nov. 9 are Berta Antúnez, president of the Pedro Luis Boitel Civic Resistance Movement and also the sister of the political prisoner Jorge Luis García Perez (also known as Antúnez); Milagros Díaz, mother of the political prisoner Bulmaro Victor Gomez Diaz and activist Elaine Saumet Ibarra.

>From Havana, Alejandro García, spouse of Berta Antúnez, informs Cuba Free >Press he doesn't know the whereabouts of any of the three. Milagros Diaz >was born in Punta Alegre and Elaine Saumet Ibarra was born in Santiago.

As of today nothing is known about what happened to García's wife or her friends. He assumes they have been detained by police, but authorities have sent him from one place to another (with no money) for travel; everywhere he was sent he has been told that the three were "not here."

Civil rights' observers said it is evident that he has been denied help and given the wrong information, which constitutes a further violation of citizens' rights.

The participation of Berta, Milagros and Elaine was expected at the march scheduled today in Havana. They never reached their destination.

Antúnez, Berta's brother, is in prison in Canaleta, and Bulmaro Victor, son of Milagros, is confined at the Nieves Morejon prison in Villa Clara.

Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press.

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