Desde Dentro de Cuba.

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Nov. 2, 1999.

FROM PRISON:HOW DO INMATES SURVIVE? By Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press (as translated by a volunteer editor).

REPORTED FROM "COMBINADO DEL CENTRO"* - Operations watch guard officer Lucio is in the habit of being on duty while in a state of inebriation. He is also in the habit of insulting inmates with obscene words. There are several inmates on a hunger strike in the cells of this prison and for appropriate reasons. They are dying and they have received no care at all.

In areas 9 and 10 there are outbreaks of bed bugs. The inmates have protested and their protests have been to no avail. The food: It has been delivered for several weeks in bad condition, i.e., rotten. The stew that guards deliver most always carries worms and the main course dish, which consists of a couple of spoonfuls of noodles or spaghetti, is in bad condition.

"In the prison they take fish called tilapia, let them dry up, then grind them with head and guts still inside and make a stew with it and call it a main course dish." This was reported to this correspondent by political prisoner Guillermo Pérez Llera, from Unit number 2 of the prison called "Combinado del Centro."*

Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press.

NOTES OF THE TRANSLATOR: * The name of the prison roughly translates as "Complex of the Center," meaning "Central Cuba (Confinement) Complex."

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