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Nov. 03, 1999.

INSIDE PRISON: ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER INMATE BEATEN UP By Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press (as translated by a volunteer).

PLACETAS*.- In the El Pre prison of Villa Clara province, on Sunday Oct. 31, 1999, while in the conjugal pavilion** with his wife, inmate Víctor Manuel Borges Delgado was taken out by the guard attending that area and escorted to the tunnel of the penitentiary. Awaiting the prisoner there was the chief of the provincial penitentiary and two other guards from that prison's Interior Order division. The three gave him a merciless and brutal beating, breaking two of his ribs, and causing a severe hematoma in the left eye.

His mother, Teresa Delgado, went to visit him on Nov. 1 and they let her see him and told her, in front of him, that the inmate had had a fall. But when the guards moved away, he told her what really had happened.

"That is how inmates are treated in Dictator Castro's Communist Cuba," said Vigtonio Borges, the inmate's brother, who provided the information to this reporter.

Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press.

NOTES OF THE TRANSLATOR: * City in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara. ** or marital chamber >

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