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Nov. 3, 1999.

YOUNG "MALINGERING" INMATE SUFFERS AND DIES By Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press (as translated by a volunteer).

Sancti Spíritus.- The following information was given to this correspondent in messages from Pedro Mollinedo at the Nieves Morejón Prison:

Alexander Borgiano, age not known, of Trinidad, a city in Sancti Spíritus province, on Oct. 12, found himself for the second time in the surgical operation room (OR) due to intestinal obstruction. He had spent eight days screaming from his suffering in bed No. 11 of the hospital ward for convicts. Nobody in authority paid attention to him; the physicians had diagnosed him as a "malingerer."

Later they took another look and the surgeon and other physicians made a rigorous examination and urgently sent him to the OR. At that moment they said his life was in danger and some did not expect the young inmate could survive.

Attention !! This is a later report from the Nieves Morejón Prison. Today, Oct. 17, young inmate Alexander Borgiano died. In less than 72 hours two young people, Laras Lin (age not known) and A. Borgiano, have died in this prison because of no care or deficient medical care.

Juan Antonio Soto, Cuba Free Press.

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