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TEACHERS HARD TO COME BY IN WESTERN CUBA By Alberto Iglesias, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - Sandino municipality, a desolate peninsula at the westernmost tip of Cuba, seems to be having trouble staffing its schools. This week, there are five fewer high school teachers there.

In Sandino's Adela Ascuy high school, four teachers of mathematics, history and physical education submitted their resignations recently. According to observers, harsh living conditions, lack of transportation and rigid regulations accounted for those resignations.

In high school No. 9, English teacher Yaniser Salgado also resigned after a disagreement with the educational authorities. Salgado had been named general secretary of the Communist Youth League, a position she refused to fill. When she was told it was inconceivable for a militant not to accept that responsibility, she handed in her Young Communist credentials.

After that, municipal education authorities asked for her resignation, which she also tendered.

Alberto Iglesias, Cuba Free Press.

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