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Oct. 11, 1999.

PETTY CRIME UNABATED IN HAVANA By Jorge Diego Rodríguez, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - In spite of recent government measures, petty crime continues being a problem in Havana, according to official press reports. Street thugs, called Ninjas by the people, assault passers-by, taking their watches and other belongings, while burglars continue taking TVs, refrigerators and clothing from people's homes. The riskier areas are old Havana, Guanabo, Mantilla, La Palma and some neighborhoods in the 10th of October municipality.

Recent government actions, such as enacting a stronger penal code, granting higher salaries for policemen and ordering more street patrols have not alleviated the problem.

Jorge Diego Rodríguez, Cuba Free Press.

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