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Sept. 30, 1999.

WAS IT A GOOD ANNIVERSARY? By Mary Miranda, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - Silence, minimal attendance, blackouts and hopelessness throughout the island marked the communists' celebration of the 39th anniversary of their Revolution Defense Committees (RDC).

In the town of Placetas in Villa Clara province, only nine out of 40 RDCs actually celebrated the event. Correspondent Juan A. Soto heard some of the attendees there comment, "What else could they expect if they only sold yucca and cooking bananas?" The beef that the authorities had announced would be on sale never arrived!

In Cabaiguan, the festivities had to share the streets with a great stench emanating from garbage piling up after months of no municipal collections.

Here in Havana the commemoration amenities were similar but celebration administrators did provide some candy, cookies and water for the children. No further comment.

Mary Miranda, Cuba Free Press.

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