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Aug. 31, 1999.

NEGLECTED PRISONER DIES OF TB IN HOSPITAL By Marvin Hernández Monzón, Cuba Free Press, as translated by volunteer OM.

HAVANA - After weeks of neglect, prisoner Adrián Iglesias Miranda, age 26, died of tuberculosis in Cienfuego's provincial "Gustavo Aldereguía Lima" Central Hospital on July 30. The Ariza prison physicians had tried repeatedly to transfer him to the hospital but were unable to do so until shortly before his death.

Ariza's political prisoners said his early symptoms were shortness of breath,high fever and weight loss. At first, the prison physicians did not listen to his complaints. And the jail guards did not help him at night when he needed assistance.

When he finally was taken to the hospital, he improved at first. But then, against the advice of the physician, Dr. Mayelín Conde Cueto, the prisoner was moved to the hospital's prison wing and soon back to the Ariza first aid station. On July 24 Adrián Iglesias Miranda was moved to the prison's infirmary with a high fever, shortness of breath and weakness to the point that he could not eat. He then again was readmitted to the provincial hospital and died at 3 a.m. July 30.

Marvin Hernández Monzón, Cuba Free Press.

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