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Aug. 16, 1999.

HAVANA WORKERS' CLUBS MOSTLY IN RUINS By Graciela Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - The citizens of Havana who are members of the Workers' Social Clubs are complaining about the clubs' deplorable conditions in the western section of the city.

Those interviewed complained about the lack of gastronomic offerings, the presence of mangy dogs on nearby beaches and the prevailing filth found in all areas.

In the first years of the "Insurrection's Triumph" the authorities nationalized most private clubs, converting them into social clubs for the workers. Unions' officials directed the clubs. With the passage of time, these installations began deteriorating. There have been very few attempts at restoration.

Now that we are in the so-called "special period" (of austerity), the situation has worsened in these lyceums that before 1959 were considered some of the architectural jewels of the capital.

Graciela Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

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