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July 26, 1999

POLICE 'ARREST' 1956 DODGE PICKUP By Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - The pickup truck used by the opposition group calling itself "Fraternal Brothers for Dignity" has been picked up by police.

This weekend, Office of State Security (OSS) Major Francisco Estrada informed the owner that the vehicle was in police custody and the matter was in the hands of the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

Ministry of Interior operatives seized the 1956 Dodge pickup in front of the Guanabacoa parish the night of July 13. The pickup had been driven by Marcel Valenzuela, 37, an activist in "Fraternal Brothers for Dignity," who was accompanied by his religious companions, Venancio Rodríguez, Alejandro Chang, Alejandro Campos, José Aguilar Herrera and Carlos Alberto Domínguez.

They were taken to the investigations center at 100th and Aldabó streets in the outskirts of the capital and detained until the next day, July 14.

In September, the vehicle had been scheduled to be in a "peaceful invasion" that would cross the country. It was being organized by a group of dissidents who participated in a public fast that lasted 40 days, centered at 34 Tamarindo street in the Santos Suárez community.

Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press

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