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July 22, 1999.

JOURNALIST WILL CONTINUE HUNGER STRIKE By Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - Independent journalist Jesús Joel Díaz Hernández, 25, remains on a hunger strike begun July 12 in the "Canaleta" prison, Ciego de Avila province. The correspondent said he will maintain the strike until the final consequences.

Hernández is director of the Avileña Cooperative of Independent Journalists (CAPI). This Thursday authorities suspended family visits but he was able to transmit a message that explains why he is again taking up the fast initiated in January.

He protests the four-year work-camp sentence imposed during a supposed state of social emergency. Also, the hunger strike denounces the infamous sinking of the tugboat named "13 of Marzo" and demands the government liberate political prisoners and respect human rights.

The tugboat "13 de Marzo" was sunk July 13, 1994 to prevent a group of 41 Cubans, including children, from escaping to the United States.

Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

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