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July 14, 1999.


HAVANA - "Cuba has left its mark on this century." At least that's what a randomly selected man on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recently asserted upon being questioned by some "journalists" from the island's official press. His words, precisely, were, "Cuba has made a mark on this century for Latin America."

But how? He wasn't asked and he didn't specify. He simply satisfied the Cubacentrism which is now in fashion and which is all that counts for the government functionaries of ideology, the non-independent journalists. It's as if "making a mark" were the only important thing even if it were a mark of OUTRAGE.

In many parts of America (the hemisphere) and Africa are walls where those traces of Cuba offer an embarrassing reply. But the 'frivolity' of this memory does not go that far back. It remains fixed on what is said with images and words NOW. They are stuck to the surface of hope, incapable of passing through the illusions so people can see the obscure and poisonous cells of this honeycomb.

Thus, one sees the health care and the education system; both are free and free things seduce him. Surely he supposes that these things represent security, comfort and even liberty. As if there were anything so simple and truly free.

Then there is the romantic idea of a small country (David) defying a gigantic monster (Goliath) which is enough to make his heart beat with emotion. He doesn't even question the thoughtless nature of such a reckless notion. His loser's ego craves compensatory heroes and heroism and he believes that he has found them.

It may be that this person listened to the discussions that emerge from the island and took in the accusations against the United States at the same time that he covered up his ears so as not to hear the responses. He complies then with the purpose. The 'merchandise' reaches him already packaged and he doesn't get to the point of paying attention to the rest.

He prefers the determinism of historical hypotheses that still leak out of the Caribbean alligator rather than the odor of destruction and death or the ideas of freedom that erupted in the former communist republics of Europe and the U.S.S.R. As a result, this 'memory' blurs his vision with passion and he cannot (or does not want to) see with objectivity that which, if the top of the honeycomb were removed, lies beneath the sweet and sticky substance.

He cannot or does not want to see the manifest corruption in Cuban society or the crazy and practically suicidal flight of thousands of our compatriots into exile, the economic ruin, the intolerance, the lack of basic freedoms, the ideological discrimination and the repression contained within the dictatorship of this "Utopia."

The disinformation combined with his own wishful thinking prevent him from seeing the true mark of Cuba: A disturbing stain drawn on the wall of this century.

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