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24 de Agosto del 2000

CUBA REDUCES BEACH USE FOR CUBANS. By Reinaldo Cosano Alén, Cuba Free Press,

HAVANA.- Cubans are gradually losing their beaches because the government continues to discriminate against them. After 40 years of “enjoying” dirty beaches without bath houses to change clothes in, and hardly without the sale of food and beverages, without beach umbrellas for protection from the hot sun and hardly without transportation, Cubans now see how old and newly discovered beaches are being transformed into virtual Caribbean paradises that everyone can reach – but only if they have dollars and are not Cubans.

All of Cuba’s island reefs on the north and the south are beaches of exceptional beauty with endemic flora and fauna. Viaducts over the ocean (pedraplenes), airports and ports tie the keys with the big island. Portentous hotels of comfort and luxury are raised by the hands of Cuban workers who receive such low wages that they will never be able to enjoy these beaches with their families.

There are barriers and police and security guards who frisk local people at the hotel doors. As time passes, Cubans have less beach access. All beaches belong to one "owner," not the people. At least it is still possible to bathe in the cutting, razor-sharp Malecón reefs. Authorities there have neglected to notify ‘lucky’ Havana-dwellers that the waters of this shore are very contaminated, putting swimmers’ health at grave risk.

Reinaldo Cosano Alén, Cuba Free Press

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