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28 de Junio del 2000

CUBAN SCHOOL TEACHERS ABUSE SIX-YEAR-OLD GIRL. By Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon, Secretary General of the Cuban Democratic Workers Confederation, for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Teacher Miriam and and assistant teacher Maritza at the Bernardo Borel (semi-boarding) school in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality have been abusing a pupil, six-year-old Diana de la Caridad Albaledejo Cruz for reasons not entirely clear.

According to information from Maritza del Valle Puerto, the situation involving Diana contrasts greatly with that of the boy Elian Gonzalez, 6, now returned to Cuba from the United States in a cooperative agreement between Cuban and U.S. officials.

Among current methods being used against the Arroyo Naranjo child are to deny her permission to go to the bathroom after lunch and to fasten a clothespin to her nose, lip or ear if she talks without permission. Often the child, not released until 4 p.m., is unable to wait to get home to go to the bathroom, with a resulting "accident." This treatment has frightened the little girl so much that she resists going to school, which may be the result sought by the authorities.

The reason for the abuse torture seems to stem from arguments between the teacher and the child's guardian, her 60-year-old and sick grandmother Estrella Dominguez. Also involved is the government's Social Welfare agency. Other details have not been available.

The school authorities are demanding that the grandmother pay for the child's schooling and provide them with a letter from her employer. She is not employed and is not able to work. Yet somehow she has been able so far to find money to pay for the classes and clothe the child. But she says she fears that soon she will not be able to pay, which apparently will end the little girl's schooling.

The many questions in this case so far go unanswered.

Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon, Cuba Free Press.

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