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12 de Abril del 2000

CATCHER CARLOS BARRABÍ LEYVA DIES. By Ricardo Arabís Jiménez, Cuba Free Press.

Campechuela, April 12.- Carlos Barrabí Leyva, the most famous catcher from Granma Province, has left this earth for good, leaving an indelible footprint not only on home plate but also in the hearts of his fans and the people in general. On March 7 he left us with a question with no answer. Only thus, in this impolite way, would this sensational baseball player leave the sport.

Since he first donned a mask and chest protector - today fitted to the body of his son - he was an unequaled defender of the plate. For 17 years he was on the Granma provincial team, making his debut in the '79-'80 National Series and giving up his position at the end of the '95-'96 season although he remained close to the game. In that national championship he put on the catching gear to fulfill the job of Barrabí that was born of his blood.

They say he was truly loved in Campechuela and that his town of little streets did not sleep the night after his death. They paid tribute to him with a minute of silence and it seemed that he was seen going to home plate wrapped in his famous protective suit. There he will be and there he will remain - his spirit will keep playing.

Ricardo Arabís Jiménez, Cuba Free Press.

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