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10 de Abril del 2000

ANOTHER SUGAR MILL DISMANTLED. By Onel Ramón González, for Cuba Free Press.

Ciego de Avila, April 12.- The Republica Dominicana sugar mill located in the town of Céspedes, Camagüey province, is being completely taken apart. Formerly named the "Estrella" mill, it has not ground any sugarcane for the last two sugarcane harvests. Numerous parts have been removed and shipped to other mills.

This small Estrella mill was inaugurated at the beginning of the century and once ground as much as 400,000 arrobas (about 5,000 tons) of sugarcane daily.

Now only the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes mill remains grinding in this town. Two years ago, its cauldrons were replaced with new ones of French manufacture. Its buildings are seriously deteriorated.

Onel Ramón González, Cuba Free Press.

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