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30 de Marzo del 2000

CASTRO IN HAVANA LAUNCHES NEW ATTACK ON LAZARO GONZALEZ IN MIAMI. By Rolando M. Yyobre of the Tamarindo 34 Human Rights Group for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Commandant Fidel Castro has launched a new attack against Lázaro González, the great uncle of the child and ex-rafter Elián González. The commander spoke about all the accusations that supposedly involve Lázaro in a scandal of a sexual nature with minors while he worked in Cuba at sports schools.

In front of the television cameras, Castro showed what, according to him, was testimony on the scandal by more than 50 people who follow the party line perfectly, such as members of the Communist Party, the Communist Youth and others supporting the chief.

The accusation initially made by former diplomat José Imperatori during his short stay in Canada, after his expulsion from the United States, has been rejected by Lázaro, who called it a desperate maneuver by the Havana regime.

The commandant did not mention any sentence or sanction against Lázaro González during his work in Cuba although the official government line said he was fined. But no record was produced.

Luckily for Lázaro González, he took his official government record with him into exile. It shows no criminal charges, meaning he was cleared by the Castro regime to leave. It seems he never was accused of any kind of problem with the law and he has shown the proof.

Dissidents here recall that during the Mariel exodus in 1980, thousands of Cubans eager to reach free countries had to sign statements in which they affirmed that they were "social blemishes" and that "repudiation meetings" were carried out against all those who decided to leave. The government mobs would shout that the people leaving were "lumpen" proletariat and "scum," etc.

Rolando M. Yyobre for Cuba Free Press.

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