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30 de Marzo del 2000


Havana.- The Cuban Democratic Workers Confederation (CTDC) celebrated its 8th anniversary March 25 with a meeting at the organization's central office at 1805 Third Street in the suburb of Rosita, San Miguel del Padrón, Havana, with government police watching in the wings.

Among more than 30 invited guests were active members of the trade union organization and opponents of the Castro administration from various other groups. During the celebration, a communiqué was read and diplomas were given to various persons for their work on behalf of the independent trade union movement.

Among those receiving letters of commendation were Carlos Alberto Domínguez González of the Frank País November 30th Party and Félix Bonn Carcacés, Vladimiro Roca, Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello and René Gómez Manzano. The last four are political prisoners and their letters were delivered to Guillermo Gutiérrez Torres, who also received one in his own name as a member of the confederation's executive board.

Delegation members Yoana González Herrera and Maritza del Valle Puerto also received letters of recognition for their work in defense of the workers. Additional diplomas and honors were given to the rest of the members of the executive board for their dedication and effort.

Among other organizations besides the above who were represented were the National Opposition Union (UNO), the Fraternal Brothers for Dignity, the Independent Democratic Action Movement (MAD), the College of Independent Cuban Teachers and the July 13th Movement.

Others to whom recognition was giver were several former political prisoners, two independent press agencies and various friends and opponents of the current government.

The event was concluded with a toast with cake and refreshments. Photos were taken of all those who attended alongside the Cuban flag in what attendees described as an atmosphere of brotherhood and happiness.

Inasmuch as police had given José Orlando González Bridón a warning that the attendees not do anything publicly after the meeting, the backers of the independent trade unions held their meeting in the courtyard of the central office so that the authorities on watch as well as anyone else could observe the course of events.

This activity had been extensively advertised among opponents of the government and turned out exactly as planned. The visitors said they were glad the Cuban Democratic Workers Confederation had reached its eighth anniversary and plans to continue its fight to be officially recognized and to defend the legitimate interests of the Cuban working class.

José Orlando González Bridón, for Cuba Free Press.

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