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24 de Marzo del 2000

POLICEMAN COMMITS SUICIDE IN HOSPITAL WARD. By Idelfonso Hidalgo González, Cuba Free Press.

Las Tunas.- Nelson Infante Naranjo, age 23 and a member of the Cuban National Police, took his life on March 20 in the Ernesto Guevara de la Serna Hospital in Las Tunas Province using a Makarov pistol, a regulation weapon which he apparently had hid under his pillow. He had been admitted for medical tests.

The event shocked the G-4 ward’s patients as well as the medical and paramedical personnel. The young policeman had complained of a pain in his leg whose origin was being sought. In front of everyone in the ward he fired a shot in his mouth. The witnesses said a violent act of this nature will be difficult to erase from the mind.

Idelfonso Hidalgo González, Cuba Free Presss.

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