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15 de Marzo del 2000

DR. BISCET'S WIFE TRAVELS TO HOLGUIN. By Virginia Salvia Segura, Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Elsa Morejon, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet's wife, has traveled to the province of Holguin in hopes of visiting her husband in prison. If she gets to see him, this will be the first time since his transfer from Havana after being sentenced to three years in prison.

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet is the pro-life founder of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights and says he is unjustly serving time for demanding the freeing of all political prisoners and the right to life for babies condemned to death by abortion. He is currently awaiting trial together with Migdalia Rosado on another charge stemming from a protest they participated in at Hospital Materno Infantil.

Many activists and critics of the system in Holguin said they welcome Mrs. Morejon de Biscet. They have extended their solidarity, support and assistance in any way she may need during her visit in this province, far from the couple's home in Havana.

Virginia Salvia Segura, Cuba Free Press.

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