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11 de Marzo del 2000

U.S. WRITERS ARTHUR MILLER AND WILLIAM STYRON VISIT CUBA. By Luis Ramon Hernandez Rodriguez, Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- The U.S. playwright Arthur Miller and author William Styron visited Cuba at the head of a cultural delegation which recently visited this country.

The delegation visited the High School for the Arts in the capital where they shared ideas with students and teachers. They also planned to visit economic organizations - factories and other work places - political groups - seats of the government and the Communist Party - and social objectives - hospitals and family medical practices.

Because of this, one observer commented that he would like to ask if the famous Mr. Miller, like Ionesco, will now think about writing for the theater of the absurd. If so, Cuba is the ideal place to find inspiration, he said.

Luis Ramon Rodriguez, Cuba Free Press.

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