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08 de Marzo del 2000

COMMERCIAL "CHESS." By Luis Ramón Hernández, Cuba Free Press.

Villa Clara.- Nothing is more like a move in the learned game of chess than the operations of a retail business with its accounts in Santa Clara.

The business known as the OMAIS Chain, whose acronym is not publicized, groups together a quantity of products whose expiration dates on its shelves show their age. The prices are high, according to the Board of Commerce because they are used to help defray the salaries of the workers.

According to reports from sources, that company also takes "expired" foods and puts them on the "gourmet" shelves so they can be sold at higher prices. Apparently the expiration date is not shown then.

This store also has tortillas and custards made with eggs belonging to the account for controlled provisions. They have been damaged in the grocery stores and cannot be returned to their last origin because the poultry supplier refuses to give credit for them.

Those in the know say it's not strange that such things occur in a company whose principal managers left education in search of what some observers call the "hunt."

Tomás González-Coya, a collaborator of this correspondent, tells us that these checkered sales' promotions are merely moves of "commercial chess."

Luis Ramón Hernández, Cuba Free Press.

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