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08 de Marzo del 2000

GOVERNMENT SHIPS DR. BISCET OFF TO "SIBERIA" - HOLGUÍN PROVINCE. By Odilia Collazo of the Pro Human Rights Party, for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Friends and family of Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet expressed anger at the government when the physician and his wife Elsa Morejón de Biscet heard the government is sending him today to far off Holguin province for his prison term.

His wife said she was "totally disgusted" because it will be very difficult for her to visit him. Holguin is about 500 kilometers from Havana where the family resides. They have no relatives in the eastern province who could help them in this difficult situation.

Dr. Biscet has just been sentenced to three years in prison at a trial held last week that kept the whole of the Cuban opposition in suspense and led to reprisals, detentions and arrests of many dissidents. With such tactics, the authorities indicated they were able to keep dissidents from attending the trial. However, only Mrs. Biscet and the immediate family were permitted in the courtroom.

Dr. Biscet, of mixed races, is known as a peaceful activist, founder of the Lawton Human Rights Foundation and defender of life from its conception. Friends describe him as a decent and patriotic man; he was accused and sentenced for "public disorder" and "insult to the national symbols" (he hung the flag upside down as a protest) so as to take him out of circulation for a time. His supporters maintain he is an innocent man serving an unjust imprisonment.

Odilia Collazo of the Pro Human Rights Party, for Cuba Free Press.

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