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06 de Marzo del 2000


Aguada de Pasajeros.- Citizens who are members of the Cuban Communist Party are applying for and getting visas to go to the United States, according to information reaching Cuba Free Press.

Two such citizens reportedly worked at the foreign corporations named CIMET and SERVI CUPET in the district of Aguada on the National Highway bordering the province of Cienfuegos. They received appointments through the Cuban postal system for interviews at the U.S. Interests Sections in Havana. These citizens had entered the visa lottery in 1998.

The leadership of the local Communist Party of Cuba now has taken steps to get these citizens dismissed from their jobs.

Cuba Free Press interviewed one of these workers who asked for anonymity and said, "The Communist party of Cuba had the task of selecting and placing workers in those jobs who had followed the communist line and were militants in the Union of Communist Youth and Communist Party at the La Guadita Center, which belongs to the CIMET corporation. These authorities wanted faithful support and to be able to have absolute confidence in unselfish people who would never disappoint their party organizations. They (the officials) affirmed that we had adequate training in the principles of the Cuban revolution."

He said visas obtained through the lottery keep arriving for people long integrated into the communist system. Although they are communists, they apply to leave the country because in reality "everyone wants to leave."

Who is to know who joined the party so as to get job protection and have a facade of being integrated? Acting "behind a curtain" they apply to emigrate from Cuba. They are the same ones who always raised their hands and offered their support when there was a government function and they were and are only looking after their own well-being.

Since there is no "well-being" here, they also apply to leave the country. And they usually have so much "luck" that they quickly win the visa lottery, according to the anonymous source.

He noted that government officials decide which people can or cannot work in foreign companies. He said it seemed that these people are cheating the communist organization when they leave the country - unless they are agents.

In other words, these citizens may be cheating everybody: The Communist Party whose officials believes they have loyal people in the ranks, the company which hires them thinking they will always be at work to carry out their duties and the U.S. government, whose officials may believe they are giving someone a visa who really has a need to emigrate.

This observer asked whether someone who is "acceptable" in Cuba because he is a member of "everything" and therefore possesses a good job where he earns more and has greater possibilities to earn a living than dissidents is a good candidate for a visa - from any point of view?

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of citizens suffering from persecution and misery and awho do not have the luck to win visas. Of course, since they have never been active in the party or repented for not joining it, they are now "unacceptable" and will never have a good job in a foreign or jointly owned company. Such are the ironies of life!

Lorenzo TÚllez, Cuba Free Press.

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