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02 de Marzo del 2000

A CUBAN HOUSEWIFEíS INNER MONOLOGUE. By Carlos Garcia Lopez, taken from the magazine Christian Life by Ebenezer Ramirez, for Cuba Free Press.

ďI donít know what to do. Itís been exactly one month ago today since there was anything at the butcher shop and the grocer who wonít stop selling me Cerelac formula at an increased price.

I have to mend the little girlís jacket again. How bad the bread is today. I feel like giving an axe blow to this brightly lit kitchen. And the Valium no longer has any effect on me. What will I get that priest who has to be brought something for the Easter holiday.

How crooked that little hick is from the farmers market. I wonít buy any more sweet potatos from him. The last time, he gave them to me all broken into pieces. And the girl with that trouble about the school desk they gave her with no back. I should go talk with the principal.

Last night the last of the soap was used up. Oh dear! the coffee makerís stopped up. I donít know why they put so much peas in the coffee. Where am I going to get a rag to mop this house? If only that dream last night was true where I was swimming in that pool of cooking oil. There must be oil and all kinds of tomato sauce in paradise.

And now this three-year-old boy keeps asking me whatís an Atari. And the girl doesnít have shampoo and wonít go to the party with the same shoes as always. The pressure cooker wonít blow again. The spring onions are almost used up. Donít let me forget to get water; todayís our turn.

Now I donít remember if todayís the day for milk or not. And I have to go this instant. How bad I feel for Luis; he spends his life telling the kids heís a vegetarian and then he even gives up the soybean hash for them. If I could only get a little flour to make them a sponge-cake Sunday.

Thank you Lord for seeing to it that the eggs came.Ē

Carlos Garcia Lopez, taken from the magazine Christian Life by Ebenezer Ramirez, for Cuba Free Press.

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