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02 de Marzo del 2000


Havana.- Some observers of Cuban life ask why it is that many Cuban women become "courtesans," i.e. prostitutes if there are plenty of schools in Cuba, work for all women, social security and other ways of paying attention to the needs of women?

Here's why: The roots of the causes are found in the whole process here of the degradation of mankind, of not feeling love by or for thy neighbor, of coveting what others have, of seeking power, excessive sex and/or money, of "class struggles;" all these are nothing more than the exponent of what sin has created in mankind. The sin which has separated us from God is found in the biblical passages from Isaiah 59:1-15, Romans 3:9-20, Romans 5:12-21 and 7:14-25.

The results may be delayed a lot or a little; only God knows the time and the season of each thing but a happy moment will arrive for those who have found the way of truth and fatal for those who, thinking of reaching only the human goal, will not attain it because they have not given up everything to live as God's Son lived.

Everything will acquire its true level and things will be as God created them in the beginning. Woman will return to occupy her place and be what God intended for her: Companion and aid for man.

In Biblical times there existed a group of women devoted to Ashtoreth, the goddess of fertility, revered by the Canaanites and the entire seacoast of Ras shamra (Ugarit) toward the south by Phoenicia y Philistia, whose obscene rites led to the downfall of the people of Israel on many occasions. Who were these women? They were prostitutes devoted to that goddess Ashtoreth.

The woman devoted to a deity did not care about losing her self-esteem. Her surrender was total, frenetic, in the paroxysm of lust, the desire of passion. It was the sacred cult of fertility and the orgy, something God that condemned from the beginning of humanity when He gave life to the first couple.

What is happening in Cuba today? Women in full maturity, conscious of what they are doing, devote themselves entirely to the cult of the orgy, to the licentiousness aroused by the trashy god of money. Why do they do it if there are schools in Cuba, work for all women, social security and attention to their needs? Really there are few and bad supports for women. To find the causes that move them to the point of prostitution, it is necessary to look across and below the surface of this society.

This society "marginalizes" and excludes women. Many are the dramas that an individual goes through before choosing this vocation so as to survive: Disarranged families, school absenteeism, family burdens, abandonment, inducements and, above all, a society driven to have no trace of spirituality.

One must know a woman well to begin to understand what motivations keep her with the degradation. One must remember that self-esteem and regard for oneself are very easily destroyed when the slogans continue, when a woman thinks with the intelligence she is given, when she is not valued for what she is and has suffered for 41 years as one more slave who does not have the opportunity to express her feelings, emotions and disagreements or dream her own challenges, feel her own fears, suffer her own pains.

This collectivity of Cuban life, in which pains, fears and emotions belong to all and are shouted in the plaza instead of in private, ends up destroying the individual. It leads her to promiscuity and from there to prostitution. It kills initiative; it degrades and humiliates. It makes possible the sale of her own body as something normal, desirable and even pleasant for some.

It sometimes may be with revulsion that she submits herself to the ritual that denigrates her instead of extolling her. She faces the absence of autonomy, the inability to reach an independence that strengthens the process of personal growth. She suffers an excess of tension, exploitation and violence that surrounds her. She feels unfulfilled and the lack of the essential ability to live a fuller life; that brings her to visit that terrible world of the useless surrender, where disease such as AIDs and its irreversibility deform and exterminate the careless.

The Cuban woman or the Cuban Courtesan who yields her body to the "princes" of the world, who worships the Ashtoreth of these times, has chosen this sad road pushed by necessity, scarcity, hunger and lack of understanding. She suffers the loneliness of the masses and the divided family and the pain of knowing she is nothing in the face of the system. She is tired of useless slogans and absurd challenges.

That is the way things go in Cuba: Here is a constant tragedy, deep, with appearances of both insanity and reality, an immense tangle of entwined ruts in which it is easy to be trapped. But you, friends, may also assess the cause of the Cuban Courtesans.

Ebenezer Ramirez, Cuba Free Press.

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