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02 de Marzo del 2000

THERE’S NUTTIN’ WITHOUT A BUCK. By Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzales, Cuba Free Press.

Las Tunas.- With the intonation of the so-called “West Indian poetry” we can "hear" the verses which we publish as follows:

The children now gone to the store lookin’ for bread,
but if they lack a buck,
surely they won’t give ‘em it free instead.
The caramel, says who?
The chocolate, no such luck!
The cookies so good... there’s nuttin’ without a buck.

A child could be walkin’ barefoot,
screamin’ for a pretty toy truck,
stampin’ his feet for a caramel,
but there’s nuttin’ without a buck.

If your son takes a fancy
to a nice, fine toy,
you must close your eyes
‘cause without a buck there's no joy.

They hate cap’talism
‘cause they have dollars over there.
Here your children go hungry
and the dollar, ain’t it anywhere?

Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzales

By Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzales, Cuba Free Press.

Victoria de las Tunas.- Country verses.

I don’t want you to heal me,
or give me free education
if you take it out of my hide
and enslave me without compassion.

The laborer in the furrow,
his feet are without shoes.
What he earns is not enough
for all he owes at month’s end.

The salaried worker doesn’t smile,
the laborer doesn’t sing anymore.
In their homes their girls
have taken to the appalling path.

I think in my Cuba
the day is not far off
when the worker works
without having to lay a hand.

To be a slave is cruel.
Neither the salaried worker
nor the laborer wish to see
the iron shackle bound to their feet.

Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzales, Cuba Free Press.

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