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29 de Febrero del 2000


Editor's Note: The following document arrived from the Center for Social Studies in Cuba headed by Héctor Palacios Ruiz, a leader among Cuban dissidents: (Official text)

Dear Friends,

The representatives of the non-governmental organizations that participated in the meeting here on Nov. 12, 1999 - days before the Ninth Ibero-American Summit - appointed a commission to report the proceedings. That commission had as its mission to process the papers presented in that historic meeting so as to work on a synthesis. The document "EVERYBODY UNITED" was the first fruit of this labor. It is a document that was approved by the participants. It is not the basis for an alliance or bloc, but rather a manifesto which expresses the ideals in which those who participated in that meeting are united.

Representatives of several Cuban non-governmental organizations have signed this document, which comes from many who share these ideals. We now present "EVERYBODY UNITED" plus the list of all the organizations whose representatives have signed it as of this date.


We the delegates of several civic, social, cultural and independent political organizations have worked in the spirit of brotherhood and service to our nation and as a result of this joint labor have achieved "EVERYBODY UNITED. This documentary declaration we now present to the people of Cuba, to the representatives of the Iberian and Latin American nations and to all the world's international community:

All the sons and daughters of this nation are our brothers, independent of ideologies, political positions, life experiences, races or religious beliefs, and whether living inside or outside of Cuba.

At this time when we look out on the new millennium, we Cubans wish to and must define a path to improve our society and establish the foundations for the future generations. We follow the calling of solidarity in which our national identity was forged in this the beautiful land that God granted us.

Here where our apostle José Martí wanted to achieve a nation "With All and For the Good of All," we work for reconciliation among Cubans and to attain the legal framework and the conditions which will guarantee Cuban rights and possibilities. These entail the exercise of freedom of expression and access by all people to the means of communication, and to exercise freedom of conscience and religion and freedom of association and political pluralism.

We work to attain the growth in the level and quality of life for all, which is only achieved if all the economic and social rights are respected and practiced. This would mean for Cubans the participation in the economic life of the nation through their work, effort and creativity, including as well their rights to establish, own and develop their own businesses and to enter freely into contracts individually and collectively.

The demands and proposals of the peasants and rural communities must be heard, guaranteeing them freedom of association and expression.

All of this new economic dynamic, so urgently needed to overcome the crisis in which Cuba lives, must be achieved within a framework of fair distribution, respect for the dignity of the individual and oriented toward the common good.

We demand the freedom of all those who were imprisoned and/or detained for political reasons. This would not only be a measure of justice and of good will on the part of the Cuban government, but rather is an unavoidable condition if we want to travel the road to true reconciliation and renewal of the Cuban society. The Cuban people have the sovereign right to change the constitution and laws so that they correspond precisely with their rights, interests and perspectives for the future.

Many are those who wish to speak for the Cubans. It is time that the Cuban people are consulted at the ballot boxes, so that it is decided by law how the laws should be made that govern their lives.

We Cubans, after living through different historical experiences, have the capacity for realizing our own projects for social justice and integral development in which the end is the full realization of the human individual.

We neither support nor ask for isolation measures toward Cuba from abroad. We also keep in mind that as long as we are isolated by the very political and economic order which rules in our nation, it is false to think that Cubans would benefit or participate with self respect in the different forms of relations with the official Cuban institutions.

These forms of isolation do not justify each other. That is why whoever wishes to act with moral coherence, respecting our sovereignty and being in solidarity with Cuba, should always demand equally the suspension of the embargo and democratic liberalization inside Cuba.

FREE...AMONG CUBANS...AS BROTHERS TOWARD THE YEAR 2000, EVERYBODY UNITED! Delivered in the city of Havana, Nov. 12, 1999.

Following are the individual SIGNERS OF THE DOCUMENT:

Gisela Delgado Sablón, director of the Center for Studies for the Formation and Integral Development of the Cuban Woman.

Osvaldo Payá Sardiñas, president of the Christian Liberation Movement.

Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz, president of the Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation.

Roberto Larramendi Estrada, president of the Independent Movement of Martí Studies.

Carmelo Díaz Fernández, president of the Christian Labor Union.

Carlos M. Ríos Otero, Change 2000 and the Political Society of Havana.

Jorge O. Lorenzo Pimienta, president of the National Council for Civil Rights.

José A. Fournier Ramos, Cuba Truth Agency.

Santiago Martínez Trujillo, president of Fraternal Brothers for Dignity.

Regis Iglesias Ramírez, Christian Liberation Movement.

José Manuel Rodríguez and Miguel López, the Federalist Party.

José Gabriel Román Castillo, president of the Independent Institute for Culture and Democracy.

Marcos Lázaro Torres León, the November 30th Democratic Party. (He does not concur with the wording of the last paragraph of the document.)

Roberto de Miranda Hernández, president of the Independent College of Cuban Teachers.

Héctor Palacios Ruiz, director of the Center for Social Studies.

Adrián Gómez González, executive secretary of the Center for Social Studies.

Oscar Espinosa Chepe, independent economist.

Néstor E. Baguer, president of the Independent Press Agency of Cuba.

Lourdes Hernández Torres, Western Press Agency.

Carlos M. Soto Delgado, president of the Alternative Art Project.

Lorenzo Páez Núñez and Luis Alberto Lázaro Borrero, the NGO José de la Luz y Caballero.

René J. Collazo, president of the National Association of the Disabled.

Luis Camejo, in his personal capacity for the Knights of the Light Lodge.

Omar Martín Martín, grand knight of the José de la Luz y Caballero Order.

Manuel David Orrio, Independent Journalists' Cooperative.

Magaly Ortega Hernández, Freedom Lovers Movement.

Víctor R. Arroyo, Reform Forum Association.

Florentino Coador Fernández and Luis E. Ramos Morales, Máximo Gómez National Civic Movement.

Cándi J. Hidalgo Gato, Cuban Social Democratic Party.

Arnaldo Ramos Lauzarique, Institute of Independent Economists.

Irene Martínez Izquierdo, Teachers College of Cuba-UNESCO.

Benito Batista Morales, Cuban-American Cultural Institute.

Humberto Maure Quesada, president of Captives Club.

Luis Alfonso Estable, president of the Christian Workers' Union.

Raúl Rivero Castañeda, director of the independent press agency Cuba Press.

Gladys Linares Blanco, Women's Humanitarian Front.

Néstor Rodríguez Lovaina, Youth Movement for Democracy.

Juan Francisco Monzón Oviedo, president of the Martí Democratic Party.

Vicente Escobal Rabeiro, Lux Info-Press Agency.

Félix Navarro Rodríguez, president of the Pedro Luis Boitel Democracy Movement (He does not concur with the wording of the last paragraph of the document.)

Angel Moya Acosta, president of the Alternative Action Movement (He does not Concur with the wording of the last paragraph of the document.)

Reverend Pedro Crespo Jiménez and Ricardo Medina Salabarría, Cuban Orthodox Church.

Reinaldo Hernández Pérez, National Association of Independent Cuban Farmers.

Pedro Argüelles Morán, Avileña Independent Press Cooperative.

Oscar Ortiz Medina, Avileña Human Rights Foundation.

Juan Carlos González Leyva, Brotherhood of Independent Blind Persons of Cuba (He does not concur with the wording of the last paragraph of the document.)

María Valdés Rosado, President of the Christian Democratic Movement (She does not concur with the wording of the last paragraph of the document.)

Berta Antúnez Pernet, president of the Pedro Luis Boitel National Movement for Civic Resistance.

Virginia Salvia Segura, Pro Human Rights Party, Andrei Sakharov Foundation, Holguín.

Lázaro E. Ramos González, president of Democratic Movement for Cuban Freedom.

Berta del Carmen Mexidor Vásquez and Ramón H. Colas Castillo, Independent Cuban Libraries Project.

EXPLANATORY NOTE: This Document has been signed by representatives of other non-governmental organizations within the country but the signatures are not yet in the hands of the Commission reporting the proceedings. Once these are received they will be made known to the public. The document remains open for its study and possible approval by all those who are not yet signatories of the same. (End of official text.)

Senders' note: Those in charge of the Center for Social Studies (CSS) report that leaders from more organizations are joining every day and they will be made known as their signatures are produced.

CSS officials hope that Cuba Free Press readers have found the document interesting and suggest they re-read the names of the signers, many of whom are widely known outside of Cuba and others who are completely unknown. It is clear that within the island as well as in the exile community, Cubans group themselves together in numerous organizations of assorted names, goals and strategies. This list, which most certainly reflects only a part of the Cuban groups in opposition to the regime, is a good example of goals and hopes. CFP officials and editors trust, nevertheless, that the common goal of total, unrestricted and unconditional freedom for Cuba is in the minds, hearts and the intentions of all people of good will. Without it, all efforts would fall short and all sacrifice would be in vain. All changes come from freedom, all the possibilities, all the growths, whatever valuable triumph of human society. Without freedom, life is not worth living. We wish that all Cubans would have learned this.

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