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28 de Febrero del 2000

FRUSTRATED MOTHER: "AND, STILL, YOU WANT ELIAN TO RETURN?" By Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon, CTDC, for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- With what all observers seemed justified, a Cuban mother last week shouted angrily, "And, still, you want Elian to return?"

It all began the afternoon of Feb. 27 when a mother and small son sought emergency help for the boy's badly cut foot at Balear Hospital in San Miguel del Padron, a Havana community.

She had been referred to Balear Hospital by the staff of the Hospital Clinico Quirurgico at the Sports Center, which said it was not equipped to take care of the boy's injury. The Sports Center people assured her that Balear Hospital had the necessary staff and equipment to handle orthopedic cases.

But upon finally reaching Balear Hospital, the mother and son were informed that they must instead go to the Fructuoso Rodriguez Hospital in Vedado, another part of the capital city.

The tired and worried mother left a hospital once again with her son. But she did not go unheard. She told the staff that to get this far, the two had traveled three hours via the public transportation system and now she would again have to invest a lot of time to get to another hospital. In her anger, she shouted, "And, still, you want Elian to return?"

None of the staff people who heard her said a word, according to Maria de los Angeles Esquivel, who witnessed the incident.

Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon, for Cuba Free Press.

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