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28 de Febrero del 2000

ELECTIONS? FOR WHAT PURPOSE? By Luis Ramón Hernández, Cuba Free Press.

Santa Clara.- From February 21, 2000 until March 21, the lists of voters were exhibited for the public. These are the first electoral rolls set up with information from the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR). It includes residents placed on the roll of the party's leadership.

The Candidate Nominating Assemblies will commence March 7 and members of the District Electoral Commissions have already met to guarantee the "quality" of the rolls.

The partisan elections will be held throughout the country on April 23 in this "Cuban style" electoral process where all the candidates will always respond to only one voice, the government's. Here come more elections without the opposition being able to put forward its candidates.

Luis Ramón Hernández, Cuba Free Press.

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