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23 de Febrero del 2000

CUBAN REGIME READIES SENTENCE FOR DR. OSCAR ELIAS BISCET'S "TRIAL." By Odilia Collazo Valdés of the Pro Human Rights Party, for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet, founder of the Lawton Human Rights Foundation and well-known pro-life activist, was scheduled for trial Friday, Feb. 25 in case No. 19 of 2000 at the Municipal Court at Carmen and Juan Delgado Sts. in Havana's October 10th municipality.

At time of writing, the government did not announce who would preside over the court tribunal. What was reported was that the prosecutor would be Mrs. Edelmira Pedriz, renowned after the trial of "the Four," as the signers of the document "The Homeland Is For All of Us" are known internationally.

Dr. Biscet has as one charge against him "insulting national symbols" for having placed the Cuban flag upside down as a sign that justice is scarce in Cuba. Dr. Biscet is a pacifist who opposes abortion and the death penalty. Both practices are widespread and supported by the Cuban regime.

The family of Dr. Biscet through his wife Elsa Morejón asked all people of good will to pray with faith in God so that the unjust sentence of 10 years which the regime seeks for him would not be imposed. The sentence will be known by the time this is published.

Odilia Collazo Valdés of the Pro Human Rights Party, for Cuba Free Press.

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