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22 de Febrero del 2000


Santiago.- Two children living at 458 Santa Lucía St. between Calvario and Reloj Sts. here in Santiago threatened to attack and to kill Margarita Yero, a Cuba Free Press correspondent about 3 p.m. Feb. 5.

The journalist had just left the home of her son, Adalberto Yero, of 456 Santa Lucía St. between Calvario and Reloj. Her son also is a correspondent for Cuba Free Press, a news agency which publishes the work of Cubans internationally.

One of the children was about 11 years old and was standing almost directly in front of Adalbert Yero's home. He held a stick in his hand and with no apparent motive threatened to beat the journalist. Margarita kept walking and paid him no attention.

Seconds later, the other kid, about 13 and in a similar situation threatened to cut the journalist's throat. She said she did not have any doubt that these kids could easily make an attempt on her physical integrity.

Not by coincidence, the Revolutionary Defense Committee (CDR for its initials in Spanish) for that city block is located precisely in the home where the two minors live. This fact has become well known due to multiple complaints that have been voiced with respect to stone throwing and harassment that has victimized the Yero family. (The CDR officials are supposed to watch out for crime as well as to keep their eyes on politically incorrect undesirables and their activities. There is one in each block of all cities and towns in the country.)

These two children and four others who also live at 458 Santa Lucía St. are part of a group that has previously thrown stones at the homes of Margarita and Adalberto Yero. The 458 Santa Lucía house has about six rooms. More than 20 people, all related, live in this house. The children's parents pay no attention when the journalists, opponents of Fidel Castro's communist regime, complain personally to them about the kids' behavior.

Of note is that each adult resident of this house also has publicly threatened Margarita Yero with a beating and has gotten away with the threat. The primary adult resident in this CDR house is Zeilín Bandera Alemán, female. She is studying to be a teacher, is married and has one daughter.

The National Revolutionary Police (PNR), and in particular its sector chief, named Bismark Cabrera, are not in the habit of taking Margarita and Adalberto seriously when they report the threats, provocations and stonings to which they are subjected by minors in the house.

These incidents give some idea of how some Cuban children are being educated, in an atmosphere of hatred, rancor and provocation and without respect for the lives of others. They are growing up with the belief that it is correct to assault people who do not share their beliefs.

Adalberto Yero, Cuba Free Press.

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