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14 de Febrero del 2000

LAS TUNAS GOVERNMENT DENIES EXIT VISAS TO DOCTORS. By Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzalez for Cuba Free Press.

Las Tunas.- Las Tunas province's Department of Immigration and Foreign Interests has denied exit visas to four physicians who had been invited to visit U.S. medical institutions.

The four are specialists of the Ernesto Guevara provincial hospital. They reported feeling frustrated at not being able to fulfill their long-awaited dream of visiting the United States legally as required by the migratory agreement between Cuba and the United States.

The four are a surgeon, a gynecologist, an epidemiologist and a neurologist. There are other specialists who were also denied exit visas to visit other countries. Among them are doctors practicing maxillofacial surgery and those specializing in burn injuries. They had received invitations from institutions interested in their expertise and who offer continuing courses or internships in hospitals.

Cuban physicians who wish to apply for an exit visa must meet a series of requirements which include: a) Revolutionary attitude, b) complete acceptance of the communist party ideology, c) exemplary conduct, d) an exemplary Marxist militant behavior, e) salary commensurate with the level of instruction received.

If an applicant failed in any of the above at any time or has a relative living outside of Cuba or has ever expressed a desire to leave the country permanently, he or she will limit opportunities for advancement in the profession.

The applicants said it is a well-known fact that traveling abroad will improve a person intellectually as well as technically and economically. Travel abroad also will confront the travelers who were raised in a totalitarian government with a different reality. There is always the possibility that the professional traveler will then seek new horizons. This is why the state reserves the right to control emigration from the country by any of these professionals.

Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzalez, Cuba Free Press.

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