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14 de Febrero del 2000

COMMUNISM COMPARED TO HIV. By Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon, General Secretary of CTDC, labor affiliate of the Group of Internal Dissidence, for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Communism, as a government ideology, is a scientific tyranny that causes irreparable damage to the economy, society and every living being. It can be said that it is in the same classification as the HIV virus which causes AIDS. The only difference between the two diseases is that there is a cure for communism if it's treated on time by injecting those people who are fighting against it with a high dosage of democracy, economy and international solidarity, since communism arises from the ashes of misery and a lack of universal freedoms of the people.

It is well-known that the HIV virus attacks the body's immune system, leaving it exposed to a number of opportunistic diseases that turn lethal. Thus communism can be compared to a virus that attacks the citizens' inalienable rights and inhibits said citizens from exercising their rights and self determination. It converts the citizens into receptacles of order, obedient to the will of the ruler. It leaves the individual defenseless against the arbitrary actions of the system.

Although the communism virus is not necessarily lethal, it does leave consequences comparable to poliomyelitis and strokes. It also tends to damage the will, spirit, conscience and morality of those infected with it.

What makes the communist ideology a scientific tyranny? The first thing it does as soon as it comes into power is to confiscate or expropriate all media enterprises. It also expropriates all business in the production and service sectors which people depend on for wages and salaries. It thus transforms them into obedient tools of labor which the system uses to remain in power.

By becoming the absolute owner of all factories, businesses, shops, hospitals, schools and everything else which a citizen needs so as to develop and live, the communist state can manage, control and manipulate as it pleases any man or woman while producing the illusory image that society supports it and desires it. Reality, however, is far from these sickly pretensions.

Those who are not obedient are removed from their place of work, putting a stain on their record. This stain makes it next to impossible for the citizen to find employment elsewhere since the record precedes the laborer. This is what happens every day in the totalitarian and communist state of Cuba.

This disease is accompanied by a repressive apparatus that through the use of intimidation and force subjects its citizens to complete obedience. In Cuba's case, this repressive apparatus includes the Interior Ministry and the armed forces. The heads of those agencies contend the power there is intended to protect the people. But in reality that power exists as an instrument of repression by the government.

As part of their "scientific work," the Cuban communists have designated an enemy of the people: the United States. They thus justify the need for an armed force which does not produce and has a high maintenance cost. The communists also justify the need for a one-party system since they do not trust anyone else to carry out government duties.

These are some of the factors that led me to believe that communism is a scientific tyranny which studies and puts into practice methods of submission and exploitation and ends a nation's will, liberty and dignity. It is of utmost urgency then that humanity be freed of these two scourges: AIDS and Communism.

Without such freedom, we are all doomed to eternal death where not even hell will open its doors.

It is the duty of all Cubans, both on the island and in exile to fight against this evil that destroys our identity, belittles our people and leaves us without liberties. The slaves left us with a doctrine: They became fugitives knowing this would bring them death. But they preferred to die free than to live as slaves. All Cubans who claim to love liberty should learn from this.

There are those who feel that Cuba's problems should be solved by Cubans. But when you keep in mind that the state of health of a nation that has been suffering from this embarrassing disease for more than 40 years, it is clear that urgent help is needed from those who are not smitten by this disease and have in their hands the cure for it.

Without such help, our fight will look like a boxing match between the heavyweight, like Teofilo Stevenson, against a light weight. This is not only an unfair match; those who choose to quietly watch the final round from the sidelines, will be committing genocide.

Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon, General Secretary of CTDC, affiliate of the Group of Internal Dissidence, for Cuba Free Press.

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