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08 de Febrero del 2000

MISCARRIAGE OF THE FOETUS: THE "NEW MAN." By Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon of the CTDC trade union for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- Something is rotten in the state of Cuba today. The passage of time does not make it any less rotten, despite Cuba's educational system, considered "advanced" by some, and its "non-governmental" agencies (ONGs) - created and directed by the government! - to prepare and indoctrinate the children from an early age. The children are taught a political ideology based on international socialist Marxist/Leninist principles. The objective is to create the "new man" whose purpose is to continue the "work of the revolution." But something is amiss.

The results, after 40 years of indoctrination, leave much to be desired. And the new man's creator has begun to crumble.

What went wrong? Can it be the anachronistic concepts from a social, political and economic standpoint that the regime imposes on all new generations? Can it be the excesses of control and indoctrination that generations are subjected to by the system from the time people are born until they die? Or can it be merely the lack of intelligence by those the regime delegates such functions of indoctrination to? Or all three reasons?

To be fair, the Cuban government has for more than four decades invested and continues to invest great resources in creating the "new man." But it uses the old tools and obsolete philosophies that have never yielded positive results - unless you count as positive the backwardness and isolation suffered by those controlled. Those are the reasons humanity today throws this philosophy on the trash heap of history as not being good enough to recycle.

The "revolutionary" government of Cuba insists on using these old tools and philosophies even when faced with the reality, through the evolvement of humanity, that it doesn't work. The obstinate regime of Cuba defies history with its rulers' zeal to create a "new man" in an uncertain society.

Cuba's rulers have instituted all types of machinery and mechanisms of totalitarianism. The purpose was to control and indoctrinate all Cuban citizens from an early age. The vehicles of indoctrination include the Pioneer Union of Cuba, the Federation of Middle School Students, the Federation of University Students, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), the Federation of Cuban Women, and others. All are disguised as non-governmental agencies (ONG) in the rulers' efforts to dupe the people.

As soon as a child its born, he/she is controlled. The little ones first are issued a Youth Identification Card. Once they reach school, they are controlled by the Pioneer Union (UPC), a "non-governmental organization" whose purpose is to teach, prepare and indoctrinate the children to be like "Che," the guerrilla hero.

The children must recite, "We want communism; we will be like Che." During their middle-schooling they are controlled by another ONG, the Federation of Middle School Students (FEM). This is another communist organization which was built to create the "new man" who will continue the "work of the revolution."

This "new man" is supposed to be honest and have a high regard for the new criteria for patriotism. He or she is supposed to be an international revolutionary communist who is willing to sacrifice one's life for others.

Those allowed to go on to high school or technical schools are also controlled by the FEM as well as by the Union of Young Communists, a political organization that imposes a doctrine on the FEM openly and directly.

Those allowed to pursue a higher education at the university level are controlled by the Federation of University Students (FEU), yet another ONGm which controls the activity of the youth more rigorously under the guidance of the Communist Party of Cuba (CPC) and the Union of Young Communists.

Besides these organizations created and directed by the government for the sole purpose is to control and indoctrinate the young people, there exists the above-noted Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR). It also is called a non-governmental agency! Its function is to spy on and help control the people. Its workers are supposed to inform the repressive political agencies of the government about anyone above age 14 who does not conform to the communist ideal. Another function of the CDR is to train the students after school hours about the communist ideal. That's also the purpose of the Federation of Cuban Women - to help control the youth. The federation's main purpose and function is to collect money to maintain the communist system.

As if all these things were not enough, all 16-year-olds are assigned an 11-digit number. This enables the government to compare each youth in an inventory system as if the young person were someone's property. This way they are all supposed to be under the control of the state for the rest of their lives - in Cuba.

>From the moment children are born and later through their studies they are spied on by the state which uses all these organizations that the regime tries to pass as "non-governmental." Is it therefore quite amazing that the government has not been able to create the "new man" given the excessive control and communist indoctrination that the children are subjected to?

The young people are supposed to have nothing else to learn or choose from. Even the school-work that is imposed on them is communist in nature, trying to impart to the student a sense of duty toward his/her role in the "work of the revolution."

All this may make the government's failure even more astounding when one considers that it has been using this arcane inefficient communist philosophy for more than 40 years with so little success.

You don't have to take this from the writer. One only has to go into the streets of any municipality in Cuba to see what the writer is talking about. Thousands and thousands of young people who were prepared by the "Revolution" are now seeking refuge in feelings of apathy and indifference.

They are abandoning their studies for lack of incentives and motivations. They are drowning in the tedium and monotony of every-day life, tired of all the unkept promises. They believe in nothing and no one. They know only that they've been deceived.

At this moment, many of the young people are becoming part of the penal community. Many others escape from the island in search of something that denied them here: the right to be free.

Many who refuse to be indoctrinated and finish their studies prefer to work on their own or even do something that may be illegal instead of following their profession. Working in their profession would subject them to discriminations of all kinds, the least of which is being limited in their aspirations solely because they a Cuban.

If they exercise their professions, they will be used as cheap labor and required to attend any political activity the government deems necessary in the campaign for "the defense of socialism." The fatherland has been fomenting this defense with false ideological concepts.

It is also a well-known fact that the high cost of living in Cuba and the low wages given by the government do not allow a professional to make ends meet.

These young people who have been indoctrinated intensively since they were born so as to create the "new man" have deviated so radically from this socialist doctrine that they actually choose not to have anything to do with it, i.e., everything they were taught. It seems they react to what they see and not to what they hear.

There are other thousands of young people who continue to study or work for the state but who evolved and adapted themselves in another way. They've created mechanisms of survival using a double-standard or opportunism or personal gratification or trickery.

These disillusioned ones have lost all ethics, all moral standards. They allow themselves to live without a sense of belonging. These young people evolved into indifferent and apathetic entities in denial of the constant control to which the system subjects them.

All these young people, those that evolved either one way or the other, were victims of a cruel psychological torture all their lives. They were never allowed to be children. They have been treated like soldiers training for battle. They lost their youth and their hopes. The revolution let them down.

This is what the revolution reaps after 40 years of communist indoctrination. These are the "new men" the communist machinery has created. Men and women who feel cheated, who are indifferent and without hope or faith. They are demoralized, without moral standards, predisposed to become criminals, dangerous and violent.

What in Cuba has caused so much damage to its society? It is not the concepts, the excesses, or the inefficiencies of some. Certain Cuban psychologists have appeared recently on Cuban television stating that these young people's attitude is the result of the easing of restrictions. They suggest that the solution is more political repression, more jails, more monetary sanctions and an increase in vigilance!

They only speak of the effects. They never mention the real cause of this social disaster - the government.

For it is the government, the political system, the totalitarian communist state that has ruled Cuba for more than 40 years that caused such damage to the Cuban society as well as the suffering and restrictions felt by all Cubans.

What more proof does one need than to listen to the bloodthirsty slogan: "Socialism or Death!" The rulers prefer an entire nation to perish rather than to allowing the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

Something is indeed rotten in the state of Cuba.

Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon of the CTDC trade union for Cuba Free Press.

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