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07 de Febrero del 2000

CELIA CRUZ, BANNED BY CASTRO, FLOWS THROUGH CUBA. By Rafael Contreras Bueno, Cuba Free Press.

Pinar del Rio.- Celia Cruz, banned in Cuba, had the chance to speak with God. She asked the Supreme One when He was going to take her and God told her He would give her the power to die when she wished. So Celia keeps singing for the Cubans and those in exile have the privilege to have her THERE! Those who live on the island must resign themselves to listening to her on clandestine tape cassettes which circulate from hand to hand.

The limit was reached a few days ago. A song by a great song writer was performed by the famous Cuban "salsero" so it has been taken out of circulation here. Issac Delgado turned it into a big hit. The authorities heard that Celia also sang the song and directed all radio stations in the country to ban it.

Those who did not have a chance to record it, well, their only hope is that a friendly hand may loan them a copy. The censors have banned Celia Cruz for us because she does not give any concessions insofar as the island's regime is concerned.

They have banned Celia Cruz for us because she refuses to sing in a captive Cuba. What is certain is that she was touched by the divine blessing and was chosen to gladden hearts. Celia knows this and sings so that people "dance" with her voice. Cubans of all generations with ears enough to know what good music is will applaud Celia Cruz until rapture. The voice of this "sonera" without peer is like an enormous ship that distributes happiness in every port of call.

The Cuban port is forbidden to her, but from afar, Celia lifts the lyrics and sounds onto the air, knowing that they cannot ban anything that flows through the air.

Celia Cruz left Cuba when "everything" started. She knew that singers would live with the constant threat from revisionists and opportunists. She had enough courage to rescue her voice.

Now she keeps on saving the laughter of her music for everyone. How nice that Celia goes on living and singing better than ever! It suits all Cubans well that her voice does not fade away. It also suits us fine that Celia does not give in to homesickness. That is why we believe her when she said she spoke to God and He listened to her.

The reports about Celia's witticisms in her live concerts reach as far as here. They go much beyond the open dialogue with her adoring fans who have the opportunity to see her confront and face down both time and censorship.

If you find Celia Cruz on whatever street in exile, give her a hug from a Cuban at long distance and tell her that yes, we keep listening to her, that we are going to keep dancing to her, that we are going to beat the "party poopers," that we are stubborn and won't let ourselves give up the fight.

Tell her from the bottom of our hearts that we thank God for not taking her because we know that if Celia Cruz were to die, a big piece of Cuba would die with her.

Rafael Contreras Bueno.

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