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04 de Febrero del 2000

GOVERNMENT AGENTS HARASS OSVALDO PAYA SARDINAS CONSTANTLY. By Odilia Collazo of the Pro Human Rights Party of Cuba for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- The government detained pacifist Osvaldo Paya Sardinas early on Jan. 25 then released him later in the day but has kept up constant activity against him and his children in public since then.

While he was detained, officials warned him that under no circumstances would they permit "Everyone United" to take shape. So far it is little more than a document which proposes to unite the opposition. However, more than 50 organizations reportedly have signed that document up to this moment.

The government agents not only harass Paya but also his family. The agents maintain a constant presence in front of his home and when he goes to work on his bicycle, agents in an Office of State Security (OSS)auto follow and sometimes intercept his path or drive very close to him. He knows that if he has an accident as a result of the agents' dangerous actions, they would not be penalized.

When he transferred to Gonzalez Coro Maternity Hospital on Feb. 3, a large number of agents, monitoring his movements with walkie-talkies, harassed him in front of his co-workers, much to their astonishment, given that it occurred while he was performing his work.

His small daughters, who are on vacation at the home of their grandparents also have been the object of the hounding. People in official OSS cars watch them and remain in front of the dwelling.

Regis Iglesias, spokesperson for the Christian Liberation Movement, gave Cuba Free Press the information as documentation of the harassment and persecution.

Odilia Collazo Valdes for Cuba Free Press.

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