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03 de Febrero del 2000

VINDICATION OF MOCKERY. By Armando Añel, Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- "He returned to the lock-up of his kidnapping and to the hell of his greedy distant relatives' home replete with weird objects and evil, cynical visitors who are among the most grotesque that that society has procreated."

This quotation is not taken, as it might seem, from a horror and mystery paperback. It's not even from one of those melodramatic novels that Cubans read by author Corín Tellado (popular Spanish language writer of romantic novels). The writer is quoting the exact words of the Granma newspaper editorial entitled "The First Fruits of Monstrosity," dated Jan.28, 2000.

Yes, the reader guessed it; he who was coming to the above-mentioned lock-up (i.e., his relatives' Miami residence) was no other than Elián González. But of course.

But the poor syntax and the apocalyptic tone of the quotation should not distract the dear reader: The party is yet to start. As portrayed by the Havana government flacks, the story of the Cuban boat child might be as ghastly as portrayed but we cannot be oblivious to the captivating humorous vein that crisscrosses it.

"These types form a league of their own! " That's how my mother's father, may he rest in peace, would have proclaimed about the above-mentioned public relations people. "These types are extremely funny," would have been my answer to him and not just for the sake of antagonizing him. This is the official version of the facts. Check it out:

"The kidnappers, bandits, maffiosi, etc., keeping our child Elián González by force in the viper infested city that is Miami, have turned into a sinister carnival anything that happens around this son of our unbeaten people who represents a symbol of the achievements of the revolution and of socialism in our dignified and unredeemed Fatherland."

Can you top that? At the start Elián was kidnapped by his stepfather, a well known criminal who threatened him and his mother with a knife, forcing them to take the vessel that would carry them to the United States. (His mother did not want to leave Cuba in any way at all. She was an enthusiastic member of the Communist Youth). Once in "Yankee" territory (meaning, in Castro's usage, and with a pejorative connotation, anywhere in the United States), Elián was then kidnapped again, this time by a diabolic relative, avid for riches, who started torturing him right after having offered $4 million dollars to the child's father, the unsubmissive and revolutionary Juan Miguel González.

Hysterical wolf cub Marisleysis, thirsty for publicity, feigned a love for the child that she does not feel. The child's torturers buy him toys, offer him candy, take him to Disney World with the sole purpose of creating a mental unbalance in him.

Since Elián's father dare not travel to the United States because he would be kidnapped and/or murdered by the Florida terrorist worms (Castro calls all Cuban dissidents and dissenters "worms" ("gusanos" in Spanish), the child's humble and kind grandmothers substituted for him.

They had the infinite pleasure of physically seeing their grandson after 70 days of traumatic and torturing absence. As if inside a quiet jail cell, the silent calvary of the grandmothers started. They were able to witness the criminal work of the so -called Cuban American Foundation thugs who with torture upon torture have transformed Elián's mind.

What would be left there for them to return to his family and to his Fatherland after consummating the repugnant crime being committed today in front of the eyes of the world against this child's mind and innocent soul? Elián's image, like that of Che, will travel around the world, and will stay forever in our hearts."

The writer is limiting myself to the analysis of this story only on the basis of style, and the use of phrases and terms that the mass communication media under command of the Cuban government have used, abused and repeated to satiety over time.

Anybody finding this statement hyperbolic might consult the newspapers, the daily Granma, Juventud Rebelde, Trabajadores (They are surely now available on the Internet). These organs are all under the control of the Communist Party (like everything else in Cuba).

However, the writer finds himself harboring doubts about the loyalty of some of the journalists in the service of the regime. Even ridiculousness has its limits.

Could it be possible that infamous CIA agents have infiltrated the official media and enticed them to write farce with the pretext of denouncing Yankee imperialism? Could it be nothing but one more conspiracy aimed at discrediting the Cuban Revolution? History has its paradoxes, and definitely, in the unimaginable Island of Mockery, anything can happen.

Armando Añel, Cuba Free Press.

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