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03 de Febrero del 2000

BOARDING SCHOOL FACING GREAT DIFFICULTIES. By Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzalez, Cuba Free Press.

Las Tunas.-The Hortaliza 3 Boarding High School of Las Tunas Municipalities is facing serious difficulties. The problem is so great that the students are very disappointed with the school officials. This school which can hold more than 400 students and is at the heart of a rural zone, has no running water. The students have to walk more than a kilometer (about a mile) in search of the precious liquid to bathe.

The food is horrible, according to one student's father who wishes to remain anonymous so his son won't suffer reprisals.

He said, "You live like an animal there. You must take care of your biological needs in subhuman conditions. You must go outside to use the facilities since there is no water. The work in the fields is very hard and the young people have to walk several kilometers to reach the plantations."

He went on to say, "Some of the students run away but they are fined 35 pesos if caught. The quality of education is not good because no one can be a good student in these conditions. One needs only to see the cavalier attitudes of the principal and the teachers who leave the 400 youngsters alone at night under the watch of only one or two 'teacher-guards.'"

Magdelivia Hidalgo Gonzalez, Cuba Free Press.

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