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28 de Enero del 2000

MARIA LEON PEREZ, 94, RETURNED TO CUBA TO DIE. By Marcos Yanes Rodriguez, Cuba Free Press.

Fomento.- Maria Leon Perez, 94, decided to return to Cuba after living in the United States for five years. She wanted to end her days in the place of her birth.

Now she is "home" but the regime in effect rejects her. Her family tried to get her a ration book but government authorities will not give her one. They contend that this Cuban who spent most of her life here entered Cuba illegally although she may have returned as a tourist. Her children have homes here so she must move from one offspring's home to another. But there is no Cuban family that can afford to support someone for whom no food rations are allocated.

Cuba Free Press was not able to learn whether she has money enough to buy food from the "dollar stores." The government is violating her rights as set forth in Articles 13 and 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but no one here can enforce such rights.

Observers say the government apparently has hit on the strategy to hasten her plan to come home to die.

Marcos Yanes Rodriguez, Cuba Free Press.

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