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27 de Enero del 2000

WHAT THE CUBAN CHILDREN LEARN IN DAYCARE CENTER. By Josť Daniel Ferrer of the Christian Liberation Movement for Cuba Free Press.

PALMARITO DE CAUTO.- What the little Cuban children learn in their daycare centers is snitching, treason, repression and injustice.

For example, in the morning hours of Jan. 25, several pre-school children (mostly five years of age) at the daycare center called "Marti's Dreams" here in Palmarito de Cauto spontaneously started shouting a slogan that went like this, "Elian, you dope, there are no toys in Cuba." (In Spanish, it rhymed.)

This brought an immediate reaction from two workers at the center. They moved to stop the chant when one of the small children repeated the "subversive phrase" in front of them. One worker immediately warned them that she would escort them to the police herself if they continued. The children quickly were scared into silence.

Later, two little ones were made to stay on their knees for some time as a form of punishment.

Some of the workers at this children's center commented that the head of the center was investigating whether teacher's aide Belkis Cantillo Ramirez had had something to do with the children's chanting. Mrs. Cantillo Ramirez is the wife of peaceful opposition member Jose Daniel Ferrer, a member of the Christian Liberation Movement. She was sanctioned in December with one month's unpaid leave for refusing to publicly refute her husband.

Mrs. Isidora Andino Torres, a member of the Communist Party of Cuba and the director of the school, wanted to force Belkis to make a public statement against her husband but Belkis refused. The director and the nurse at the center, Mileysis Alcantara are well known for their ideological fanaticism.

Josť Daniel Ferrer of the Christian Liberation Movement for Cuba Free Press.

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