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26 de Enero del 2000


Havana.- As the younger population ages there are fewer readers for Granma, the only real Cuban daily newspaper (since such publications as "Trabajadores" - Workers, "Juventud Rebelde" - Rebel Youth and the provincial publications come out less frequently).

For some years those Cubans actually looking at newspaper admit they mostly do so to check TV listings or obtain certain information. A few of the Granma readers - and none of the readers of other publications would say anything different - read between the lines and analyze the avalanche of errors and propaganda coming out to the point of fatigue.

In the areas of the national economy or politics, such as a recent report here about a "6.2 percent growth" in our national economy, such statements become an object of ridicule. Cubans getting their identical meager food rations month after month can not believe such pronouncements.

In the international spheres, a heavy-handed partiality is reflected in the focus on selected crises or conflicts. For example, the Kosovo affair was very poorly covered. While the democratic world would know everything about the crisis, our population was only hearing how the bogey-man, that is, the United States, was "attacking unarmed Yugoslavians."

Later on, when it became unavoidably evident that NATO was running the show, our headlines changed to say "the US-NATO," as if the United States were not already a part of the organization.

These days the news from Chechnia has miniscule headings and scant and partial bits of information which don't interest anybody.

However, despite the brutal information blockade to which the common Cuban citizen has been subjected for the last 40 years, there is always a way to find the truth and remain informed. Even when Radio Marti or the Voice of the Foundation (Miami based broadcast stations) are almost completely interfered with here, an inquisitive Cuban citizen will find a way to get the news.

He/she knows how many soldiers were lost by the United States during the Gulf War, about the horrible massacre carried out by Sadam Hussein against the kurds, the cause and reasons behind the Yugoslavian conflict, the Soviet attempts at genocide in Afghanistan and now the death of innocent civilians in Chechnia, etc., etc.

That historical message by Abraham Lincoln about "lies made to a people..." has become evident here and each day the numbers of people lied to grows smaller.

Roberto Larramendi, Cuba Free Press.

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