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26 de Enero del 2000


Havana.- Mary Esther, the wife of Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon, notified Cuba Free Press of her husband's detention Jan. 25 on his way to an appointment with three other dissidents.

Gonzalez Bridon was to meet Elizardo Sanchez Santa Cruz, Osvaldo Paya Sardinas and Hector Palacios Ruiz of the Christian Liberation Movement at 2 p.m. He had been invited to take part in a discussion.

Gonzalez Bridon, activist for the Democratic Labor Union of Cuba (CTDC) and a Cuba Free Press correspondent, was detained at 23rd and A streets, a block from Palacio Ruiz's home and in front of the Antonio Guiteras School. He was taken to the police station at Zapata and C streets and was kept there until 5:30 p.m.

Gonzalez Bridon was knocked about at the time of his arrest, being thrown head first into a police car. Agents held his head down by force, keeping him in a very uncomfortable position. When he tried to relieve the discomfort, agents twisted his neck and it still pained him when he was released some hours later.

After Gonzalez Bridon left his house, a government agent brought a citation there signed by Capt. David. The citation required the union leader to be interviewed at 10 a.m. Jan. 26. He didn't find out about this citation until he returned home. The citation said the interview was about Cause 259 of 1997. Neither Gonzalez Bridon nor anyone in his family is aware of said cause or what this is in reference to. Gonzalez Bridon is at this moment complying with the citation, going alone because his wife has to look after their daughter.

Cuba Free Press calls attention to the continued harassment of this Cuba Free Press correspondent, noting that he has been detained at least seven times in less than three months. He is a sick man who is a pacifist and requires constant medical attention. His health is deteriorating each day because of the repressive actions against him by Castro's agents. In his last arrest he again was interrogated about his journalistic endeavors. We again alert all international organizations that seek to protect journalists so they may help protect him.

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