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24 de Enero del 2000

THE GRANDMOTHERS REBEL IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON AND A SPIRIT NO ONE KNOWS IF IT'S HOLY. By Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon of the CTDC (trade union) for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- The mother's and the father's mothers flew to a foreign land in search of a boy whom the father recognizes as his own but "refuses" to go to Miami to bring him back. The grandmothers traveled instead. The Cuban government designated them to carry out the duty the father should have taken ever since he had the opportunity to do so. Why didn't the father fly there? Could it be that the National Council of Churches didn't invite him or did not persuade him that it is he who has to go get the son?

I don't believe he is less "courageous" than the grandmothers. What really is going on here? Why is he being obstinate and justifies himself by saying he has "not lost anything" over there? Where is his child then? He knows he is over there. Why doesn't he get on a plane and go to fight for his son as any genuine father would do even it meant going to hell itself? Or could it be that a divine intervention or perhaps an evil spirit is stronger than Mr. Gonzalez's will and has him "mentally unbalanced" and this impedes him from traveling?

However, what if deep inside, the father is actually satisfied with where the child is? He knows where to find him. Maybe this is why he says that he hasn't lost anything and does not need to be in Miami, simply because he wants Elian to stay there. Perhaps if everything he is saying in relation to his travel plans to that foreign land is exactly how he feels and he doesn't have to go get anyone because he hasn't lost anyone, then it must be the mother's spirit who is influencing his conscience so that her last will, that of letting the child stay where he is, be fulfilled.

On the other hand, if the father says that he has nothing to get in Miami and he hasn't lost anything there, then whey did the grandmothers travel there? The father is not mute. He can speak for himself. He is young, strong and healthy. A bigger force then is hindering the father from traveling. I wonder what that force is.

In the meantime, the mother will not be able to rest in peace, as the grandmothers are asking, because they want to change her last will. The almighty Lord allowed, by a miracle, that the mother's last will be granted whereas many others on that fateful voyage perished. Now this poor mother is watching from above and is distressed to see how some want to change the boy's destiny, a destiny that she prayed to God to give her child just before she died. And the Lord listened to her prayer and answered it by taking the child to the land of liberty. That child should not return.

Jose Orlando Gonzalez Bridon of the CTDC (trade union) for Cuba Free Press.

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